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Travis County Partners With Camino

Welcome to Travis County, Texas!

Travis County (home of Austin) is the fifth-most populous county in Texas with a population of 1.3M (and growing!). The County’s Department of Transportation and Natural Resources has partnered with Camino to implement the easiest pre-application experience for their residents.

Using a project’s location and the applicant’s answers to questions, Camino’s Building Guide will provide a customized checklist that will take the applicant through the process of preparing and submitting a building permit application creating a more user-friendly and transparent process for residents and contractors.

Camino Building Guide benefits include:

  • A knowledge hub that provides a single place to learn about the process of submitting for a permit before formally doing so.
  • A guided process that automatically provides every applicant with a list of the forms and documents that are required for their unique project.
  • Consistent, rules-based information to ensure that staff and customers are on the same page.
  • An opportunity for customers to enter and compare multiple project scenarios for free and from the comfort of their home or office.

Camino’s Building Guide requires no integration and will work seamlessly with the County’s existing MyGovernmentOnline permit system.

Travis County joins other Camino partners in Texas such as McKinney, Nacogdoches, Mineral Wells, and Wichita Falls, with more to come!

Welcome, Travis County!