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Camino’s Year in Review 2022: New features, improvements, and more!

As we wrap up the year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come and where we’re headed. Today, Camino serves over 10 million residents amongst various local government communities who use Camino’s platform.

On the product side, we’ve launched a ton of new powerful features that have made the development process more intuitive, simple and configurable for agencies. We’ve also added collaboration features to accelerate workflows and help staff communicate more effectively.


Plan Review and e-PlanSoft

We built out our first version of Plan Review in Camino. Plan Review steps enable document review in an iterative way. Each Review Step functions as its own feedback loop with your Applicant; you can request documents, review them, send back modification requests/marked-up documents, and continue in this loop until you are satisfied and mark the Step as complete.

We partnered with one of our customers to develop an integration with e-PlanSoft, the markup tool they use for reviewing plans. This integration allows reviewers to work in ePS while still using Camino for all of the back and forth with Applicants. Documents can easily be synchronized between ePS and Camino and shared with Applicants.

InvoiceCloud and point&pay

We are pleased to announce that we now integrate with InvoiceCloud and point&pay as payment providers. Applicants can now complete online fee payments within Camino using InvoiceCloud or point&pay. More seamless experiences for your constituents!

Platform User Updates

Re-ordering and Collapsing Submission View Sections

One of the big user experience upgrades we’ve shipped this year enables you to customize the default Submission view. You can set the default order of Sections in the Submission View and also choose whether those Sections are expanded or collapsed by default. These options, once set, will be remembered across all of your tabs or sessions and only apply to you. Less scrolling!

Saved Views Global Saved Views

We’ve updated our Saved Views functionality! We wanted to make it easier to onboard and collaborate with co-workers by creating shareable Saved Views. If you create a view that you think would be helpful for a co-worker, you can now save it under “Global Saved Views,” and they will immediately have access to that view. Anyone can modify and update a Global View, making it easy to collaborate and share improved views.

Numerous customers were interested in creating and saving Views and sharing them with other co-workers and staff. Some of our customers wanted to create standardized Views to simplify staff training/using Camino.

Message Templates

Message Templates allow you and your Agency to craft and store pre-written messages that you can then use in any comment box within a Submission.

We built this feature to drive consistent messaging to Applicants and reduce the time spent writing out detailed instructions to Applicants. Message Templates can have richly formatted text (headings, italics, bolded text) and file attachments.

You can get started and write your first Message Template by accessing the feature in the “Workflow” section of the navigation panel. To use a template you’ve created, simply click the “Message Template” button in the top right of any comment box.

Self-Serve Geo Service

Using our self-service layer management tool, you can now manage your GIS layers for your Camino organization. The new Geo Service allows Camino admins to view existing layers, edit and delete layers, and import new data!

While you can still request GIS help, this platform improvement may enable faster GIS rollouts/updates. 

User Fields

Our User Fields feature allows you to create custom fields to attach to Applicant user accounts in your organization. These function similarly to Data Fields, with the main difference being that these fields automatically pre-fill on any Submissions that the Applicant creates.

With User Fields, you can start to store data on User Profiles such as contractor license numbers, phone numbers and mailing addresses.

We designed User Fields to be transparent and seamless. You can use these fields in Application Steps and Survey Q&A and as Applicants fill out the fields, their values are saved onto the User.

We also added the ability for fields on a User to be marked as Agency Only. This is an important additional feature that gives you the ability to track internal attributes. Maybe a User is flagged due to blocked development or a late payment? You can set fields to Agency Only for these use-cases and more.

Deep Linking

Camino now supports “deep linking” to Submission Types, meaning that you can link an Applicant directly to any Submission Type in your organization without them having to go through Submission Type selection.

This means that you can link straight to a particular Submission Type from within Steps in Camino, or from your own website, making it easier to direct Applicants to the correct place!

Applicant User Updates

Submission Sharing

Our Submission Sharing Feature allows Applicants and agency staff to invite additional Applicant users to collaborate on a Submission. For example, with this functionality you can now invite additional participants into a Submission so that they can pay a fee, upload a document or fill in a form.

Secondary Applicants can be added to or removed from a Submission either by the original Applicant user or by agency staff.

New Applicant UX

We’ve released an updated Applicant experience for your citizens. This update places all of the Steps in a Guide or Application into a single list for your customers to work through. We’ve also made it easier to see how many required Steps still need to be done in an Application, as well as if there are any comments on a Step.

Given these new layout updates, Steps will be much easier to interact with on smaller resolution screens and tablets. We studied hundreds of hours of Applicant user sessions, watching how they navigate, what they click on, and where they get stuck. Our rich analytics enable us to see when a user “rage quits” or leaves a page after clicking repeatedly. The changes in the new Applicant Experience are all in service of Applicants and make information easier to navigate.

Looking Ahead

That covers our 2022 roundup! So what can you expect in 2023? Keep an eye out for updates on our Mobile Inspections App, automated Customer Value Reports, updates to Self-Serve GEO service and more!