Monterey County Partners with Camino to Educate Permit Applicants

Welcome to Monterey County, California!

We’re excited to partner with the County to educate permit applicants through Camino’s Permit Guide solution. The Community Development Department will work with Camino to build out a Permit Guide to help residents navigate the tricky process of doing residential construction (alongside their existing Accela system)

When starting a new project, homeowners and builders will be able to jump directly into an online process that will guide them through zoning rules, required permits, plan sets, and inspection requirements. When it’s time to apply for permits, Camino will link the various application processes, offering a unified, one-stop-shop experience, while saving staff time.

The County joins other Northern California agencies using Camino such as Santa Cruz County, San Rafael, Saratoga and more.

Welcome Monterey! Excited to get started!