Welcome to Titusville, Florida!

Welcome to the City of Titusville, Florida!

Titusville is a city in east-central Florida and home to over 48,000 residents. The City now officially joins Camino’s growing list of partners in the state!

The City has adopted Camino’s Development Guide to answer all the questions about a resident’s potential project before they apply for a permit. The Building Department will use the Guide alongside their existing permit system to reduce calls into the permit center and improve customer service throughout the development process.

Our Development Guide can answer resident’s questions like:

  • Do I need a permit to put in a fence?
  • What are the setbacks for my project?
  • What are the permit fees and steps to install a pool?
  • Can I open a restaurant on 123 Main Street?

Interested in learning more?

Welcome Titusville! We look forward to getting started!