Camino for Land Management

Permit software built to digitize paper workflows

Camino is leading the next wave: software that changes the way governments do work and engage their citizens. Our permit system is built for citizens who want digital services, inspectors who have to work from their phone, and plan reviewers who need intelligent software to cut down growing workloads.

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Intelligent Applicant Portal

Camino’s application portal looks and feels like all the cutting-edge software your customers love. And it uses our intelligent Guide to help applicants through the tricky parts of the process.

Send messages, request payments, collect files and blueprints, and more.

Camino was quick to deploy and adapt to our needs, integrate with GIS, and has significantly streamlined our permitting process.

Andrea Jacuk, CIRI, AK

Seamless Collaboration

Camino has project management tools built in, so your team can easily get work done. Assign tasks, modify workflows on the fly, and more.

Task Management

Assign and complete internal tasks to manage your daily workflow.


Group multiple Submissions into projects to organize work for your team.

Easy Self-Service

We’ve all felt the frustration of not being able to modify the software we buy — Camino was designed for you to change how you wish, without the need to pay more money or get tech support on the phone. Of course, we’re here to help if you’d like.

Submission Types

Our system is flexible enough to support a wide range of use cases. You can customize Submission Types to  specify which kind of applications you want to accept.

Configure Rules

Using our visual Rule Builder, you can set up your own unique logic to specify what is required for different projects. No code required.

Data Fields

Create your own Data Fields to collect and store whatever information you need from an applicant.

Automated Regulation

Like in many other fields, development is becoming more complex and demanding every year. New policies are being created rapidly, while demographic shifts are changing urban landscapes.

We know governments need help to keep up, and that’s why our team at Camino has partnered with innovative agencies to bring true automation to every part of the permit process.

From application to inspection to plan review, Camino is rethinking how permit software should work for the modern world.

Guided Application Process

Automatically provide every applicant a list of the forms, fees, and documents that are required for their project.

Online Portal

Once an application is submitted, applicants can track their project status in real-time through our online portal.

Virtual Inspections

Take Camino with you in the field. Access project information and log inspection results through your phone or tablet.

Activity Feed

Quickly see a snapshot of all activity across a project in one central place.

GIS Triggers

Automatically detect whether a project is allowed by zone. Flag requirements for flood zones, fire zones, and historical preservation areas.

Automatic Fee Calculations

Based on project details, calculate the costs for simple and complex, multi-permit projects.

Real-Time Chat

Respond to applicant’s questions directly through Camino. Capture all communication in one place.


Camino intelligently notifies internal users and applicants when there are updates to their project.

Document Uploads

Applicants can upload required plans or documents directly to Camino.

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