Map View

Your jurisdiction at a glance

Use Camino’s interactive map view to visually track records and easily identify areas with high activity.

Find records based on location or address

Search for an address or browse through the interactive map to find records by location. Filter results by submission type, status, date of issuance, and more.

Filter Records

Filter down records to see the data that’s most important to you.

View Record Details

All application details are stored in the system and can be viewed through the interactive map.

Identify hotspots for development in your city

Map Markers

Visualize clusters of records, making it easy to quickly find areas with higher levels of activity.

Location Lookup

Quickly get an overview of all of the submissions and records that exist at a particular address.

Filter Results

Use custom filters to narrow down results based on date, status and submission type.

Interactive Map

Drag and zoom the map around to view different areas of your jurisdiction.

Street View

Street view images are automatically shown for any location.

Location History

View any records for a given location, including any permits that are pending or have been issued.

Application Information

Quickly see an overview of each record at a given address, including the applicant name, submission type and status.

Parcel View

If your organization has imported GIS data, the parcel outline will be visible for a selected address.