Smart Documents

Level up your organization with digital documents

With Camino, automatically generate and issue documents using custom templates.

Collect information using Data Fields

Create custom fields for applicants to fill in so you can collect and store important project information. All the information collected from the applicant is automatically saved.

Data Fields

Create your own fields unique to your organization to collect whatever kind of information you need.

Gather Data from Applicants

When applicants answer questions or complete tasks, information is automatically stored in Data Fields on their submission.

Save your staff time by automatically generating documents

Camino will automatically fill in and generate documents based on custom templates, saving staff from having to complete everything themselves.

Share Data Across Documents

Since Data Fields are stored on a submission, the information can be automatically filled and updated across multiple documents without needing to edit each one.

Confirm and Issue

Staff still have the opportunity to review documents before they are officially issued.

Custom Templates

Issue any type of custom document to your citizens including permits, certificates and licenses.

Document Collaboration

Multiple agency staff members can work on completing a document at the same time before handing it off.

Digital Signatures

Agency staff can digitally sign documents and fill in their name

Store your documents securely on the cloud

Issued documents are automatically saved in the system and can be viewed, printed or downloaded at any time by either party.