Camino Certification Program

Camino is a next-generation software platform powering leading organization's workflows. Becoming a certified partner tells customers that you're knowledgeable about the Camino platform and can become their go-to resource.

We offer certifications and training for both individuals (Certified Solutions Architect) and organizations (Certified Platform Partner).

Four simple steps to get Camino Certified

One Register

Register for the program

Sign up for the program and pay a registration fee.

Two Training

Complete your training course

Complete our training course and curriculum.

Three Test

Take a practical test

Demonstrate your learned knowledge and skills in a hands-on implementation test.

Four Certified

Become certified

Receive your certification to service and implement Camino products and solutions.

We offer two types of certification today

Camino Solutions Architect


Camino Solutions Architect

Ideal for the consultant, contractor, or member of an organization on the Camino platform.

Camino Platform Partner


Camino Platform Partner

Ideal for an organization that wants to implement and/or support Camino customers.

Certification Benefits

Benefits of becoming certified

  • Bid on deals with the confidence that you can make Camino customers successful
  • Receive previews of product changes
  • Access specialized information on how to handle a variety of use-cases
  • Face-time with Product, Engineering, and Support teams to suggest new product changes, track existing requests, and become a voice for the customer
  • Fast-tracked, priority product changes

Skills you'll learn along the way

  • How to implement a Camino solution from start to finish
  • Learn how to help our customers realize their vision of providing superior service to citizens
  • Develop your customer success and support skills
  • Gain access to sandbox environments to try out new features and explore varying implementations

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1Are there any prerequisites to becoming Camino Certified?

    No. Though experience with modern Software as a Service is suggested.

  2. 2What does the program cost?

    Becoming certified is an affordable process. Contact us to learn more.

  3. 3Do you provide study materials and documentation along the way?

    We have a set of curriculum to help you become a Camino expert, quickly.

  4. 4What should I expect from the practical test?

    We'll ask you to answer questions about the platform, troubleshoot a few issues, and do a hands-on demonstration implementation.

  5. 5What should I expect after I become Camino Certified?

    You'll receive access to our Camino Certified portal along with a certificate that can be digitally verified by Customers.

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