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Adopting new policies doesn’t have to mean adopting new software

Our platform was designed to help you keep up with a rapidly changing world.

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Streamline New Regulations

Quickly deploy solutions to meet new challenges by harnessing Camino’s flexible policy and renewal engine. Guide your applicants through initial application, review, and renewal all in one place.

Guided Application Process

Automatically provide every applicant a list of the forms, fees, and documents that are required for their project.

Renewal Management

Notify your applicants once their permit or license requires a renewal.

Automatic Zoning Checks

Camino can automatically show an applicant whether a location is zoned for their use. If a variance or conditional use permit is required, we’ll guide them through that process too.

GIS Layer Management

Import and manage your GIS layers into Camino to provide applicants with information based on their business address.

GIS-based Logic

Using our visual Rule Builder, you can specify what is needed for a cannabis license based on your organization’s unique requirements.

Quickly Adapt Rules

Using our visual Rule Builder, your organization can easily update processes for new applicants. No code required.

Evolve and Adapt with Confidence

The list of areas governments are asked to regulate is growing longer every day. Powering your organization with Camino means having the flexibility to adapt to whatever the future brings.

Submission Types

Camino can support a wide range of use cases. Customize Submission Types to specify which kind of applications you want to accept.

Visual Rule Builder

At any time, your organization can update both your internal processes and application requirements based on new and emerging regulation.

Digital Forms

Through our digital Form Builder and Data Fields, your organization can easily update forms and applications for citizens with ease.

Renewal Management

Camino will automatically track expiring licenses and notify applicants when they need to reapply.

Automated Fee Calculation

Based on project details, calculate the costs for simple and complex, multi-permit projects.

Dynamic Forms

Upload existing forms or create new ones using Camino’s visual Form Builder.

Document Uploads

Applicants and agency staff can upload required plans or documents directly to Camino.

Finance System Integration

Camino can integrate with your existing finance system to streamline reporting.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Plug in your favorite reporting tool to your organization’s database or use Camino’s built-in reports.

Camino helped San Rafael digitize a complex permitting process in less than a month.

“Small cities can be innovative and accomplish more with less. With Camino, we found it can even be easy.”

— Danielle O’Leary, Director of Economic Development and Innovation

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