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All your applicant’s questions, answered.

Camino’s Development Guide organizes all of your rules, regulations and instructions into one approachable place. Cut down on calls, emails and counter visits - give time back to your staff.

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How It Works

Step One

Enter details about your project by going through our smart questionnaire.

Step Two

Select a location to check zoning and other parcel-based details.

Step Three

Receive a unique, custom set of instructions for how to get your project done.



decrease in customer phone calls


decrease in counter visits


increase in the speed at which permits are issued

Drive Consistency and Reduce Mistakes

Camino gives you one central place to store all your building, planning and zoning rules to keep everybody on the same page. Applicants who use our Development Guide are more likely to submit a correct application the first time.

Which permits do I need?

Help applicants figure out whether their project is allowed and which permits may be required (even across multiple departments).

Smart Rule Engine

Use Camino’s intuitive visual rule engine to build out all the logic behind the Guide. No coding required.

Fee and Timeline Estimates

Camino quickly provides an estimate of all the fees owed for a project and how long it might take to get approval. Provide this information up front to eliminate surprises or questions later.

“Camino's Permit Guide was exactly what we needed to take the extensive permitting processes and show customers step-by-step what they would need to do in our system to submit their permit, get their permit reviewed, obtain the issued permit and even schedule the necessary inspections.”

— Fairfax County, VA

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Simplify Complex Location Rules

Camino incorporates your GIS data to pull in parcel details and other geographic restrictions. We help simplify complex location requirements for the applicant.

Automated Zoning Checks

Zoning rules can be overwhelming. Camino automatically checks whether a business or construction process is allowed based on the zone and identifies any extra approvals that may be required.

Detect Hazard Areas

Flag whether a property is in a flood zone, fire hazard area, or near a coast line. Make sure the right construction rules and insurance requirements are followed.

Surprisingly Easy to Implement

One of the most common reactions to our Guide is - “this looks amazing, but isn’t it a ton of work to set up?”

The great news is that the answer is “No!”.
Here’s how we make setup easy.

All configuration is done through a visual, no-code interface that's quick to learn. Our users frequently build and launch their own Guides in a matter of days.

Using our Network Search library, you can bring in content and rules from other agencies around the country. No need to redo work that somebody else has already done!

“Honestly, it was a lot of fun. I am the lead staff person for Camino in our office, and I was able to customize and build out our processes in Camino without frustration due to the ease-of-use that the back end of the software provides.”

— City of McKinney, TX

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No Integration Required

Our Development Guide works seamlessly with your existing software and other Camino products.

Here are some of the systems that our customers use alongside Camino today:


Camino helped Santa Clarita reduce calls by 20% and issue permits 35% faster.

“Camino has completely revolutionized the way our city provides permit services to customers. Their Permit Guide has enabled us to provide a higher level of customer service with less staff time. Feedback from our customers and staff has been overwhelmingly positive.”

— John Caprarelli, City Building Official

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