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Congrats to Geoff Simmons and the City of Pleasant Hill, CA for winning the 2022 ICC “Innovation in Code Administration” award for his implementation of Camino's Development Guide.

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Camino Permitting and Licensing

Use for building, planning, business, events and more.

  • Provide a tailored application process based on the details of the project.
  • Automate internal tasks from inspections to plan review.
  • Build and launch new workflows in minutes.
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Camino Development Guide

Our Development Guide works alongside your existing software to help your applicants better understand the process.

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Camino Application Portal

Easily launch an online portal for forms, document uploads, payments and more.

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City of Santa Clarita, CA

70% decrease in the length of permit counter visits.

City of Syracuse, NY

3126 staff hours saved last year, equating to $93,766.

City of Alameda, CA

1 month after starting with Camino, their permit portal was live.

Why do governments pick Camino?

  • We care deeply about building high-quality software that’s reliable, fast, intuitive and secure.
  • We are constantly innovating and releasing new features monthly to help you keep up with growing workloads.
  • We put you in control. Camino software is configured entirely through an easy, no-code interface that you have access to.

"Camino is one of the best software applications I have used. The staff are extremely responsive, helpful and work hard to meet our ever changing needs. I would highly recommend it to any company or City looking to jump into the digital application world for the first time."

— Chief Building Official, Alameda CA

  • We’re the first system built with you and your applicants in mind. Our citizen user experience is unparalleled.
  • We’re transparent. We’ll always be upfront about what our products can and can’t do. If you become a customer, we’ll share monthly reports with you that show how much value you’re getting from the software.

Building and Planning

Our permit system is built for citizens who want digital services, inspectors who have to work from their phone, and plan reviewers who need intelligent software to cut down growing workloads.

Cannabis Licensing

Quickly deploy solutions to meet new challenges by harnessing Camino’s flexible policy and renewal engine. Guide your applicants through initial application, review, and renewal all in one place.

Business Licensing

Opening a business can be hard, requiring licenses, permits, and approvals from various agencies and commissions. Eliminate guess-work and allow businesses and communities to thrive.

Event Permits

Accept digital applications and online payments for special event permits in your city or county, making it easier than ever for citizens to obtain the correct approvals.

Priced to be Used

Our pricing is simple and transparent and encourages you to get maximum value from our software. No seat licenses, usage-based pricing, or limits on data. For smaller agencies our subscriptions start at just $10,000 per year.

Customer Success Stories

Find out more about how we’ve helped agencies across the country, big and small.

City of Santa Clarita, CA

Population: 210,000

Camino helped Santa Clarita reduce calls by 20% and issue permits 35% faster.

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City of San Rafael, CA

Population: 60,000

Camino helped San Rafael digitize a complex permitting process in less than a month.

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City of Syracuse, NY

Population: 150,000

In times of significant staffing shortages, Camino saved our operations.

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Alameda, CA

Population: 80,000

Alameda Reduces a 4-Week Permit Backlog By Launching Camino (Alongside Accela).

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