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Camino Platform

A next generation platform built for scale and flexibility

Communities that utilize Camino can configure the platform to meet their needs. Customers can mix and match features to create simple-to-use solutions for many use-cases.

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Customer Service


Give your applicants a single place to track their progress, work through tasks, pay fees, upload documents, and more. The Guide is the friendliest Citizen-facing engagement portal.


Communicate easily with applicants. Exchange comments on particular tasks, steps, or requirements related to an application or process. All communications are centralized into one place with a straightforward activity feed.

Now people can go onto the portal and submit 24/7. They have the ability to do this on their own. Our submissions are easy to keep track of online. Customers are happier and it’s easier for staff.

Dawn Ortiz, Lewiston, ID


Rule Engine

Our proprietary rule engine makes it easy to store your building, planning, and zoning policies in one place. Use the rules to guide applicants and drive internal workflows.

Adaptive Process

Set up rules to automatically trigger workflows based on project location and other details.

Automatic Renewals

Camino’s flexible renewals engine will have your applicants renewing quickly, at any interval, with or without the need for review.

With features for collaboration


Assign tasks to individuals, groups, and applicants to get things done. It’s easy to track statuses and dates.


Turn existing forms into living documents with auto-populated fields, electronic signatures, and more.


Communicate with other teammates and department members with real-time, internal discussions.



Direct integrations with ArcGIS and popular mapping formats.


Robust RESTful Application Programming Interface (API).


Enable seamless payment integrations to collect fees, issue refunds, and report.

Data Export

Easily export information into formats you can work with.