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Adelanto Partners with Camino On Citywide Permit and Licensing System

Camino is proud to see a citywide permit and licensing system go live in Adelanto, California, thanks to incredible cooperation from City Manager Jesse Flores and his staff. The new system will cover a variety of critical processes and support departments including Building, Cannabis, Engineering, Planning, and Animal Services. By unifying these services into a central online hub, Adelanto will be able to provide better and faster customer service to residents. Camino will be the city’s primary system of record and will manage application intake, fee processing, and plan review all within the platform. This functionality complements Camino’s intelligent “Guide” technology, which serves as a personal project coordinator for an applicant to help them understand what their project entails to ensure a successful and complete application on the first try.

Adelanto is particularly excited to have an updated system for Cannabis Licensing. A few years ago, Adelanto was facing budgetary pressure and turned to the budding cannabis industry as a new source of revenue. Now, the self-proclaimed “Capital of Cannabis Manufacturing in Southern California” is a hub for the Cannabis business and is looking forward to a simplified Cannabis Licensing process with Camino.

While starting a business is never easy, Cannabis operations posed an extra licensing challenge due to the number of regulations and departments involved. The level of complexity made it difficult for applicants and time-consuming for Adelanto’s staff, who had to guide business owners through the process. Camino’s software can now automate much of that work and provide digestible checklists for applicants, making it easier to do business in the City.

We are excited to work with progressive and innovative partners like Adelanto, who share our vision for a more user-friendly and accessible online permit process. Input from Adelanto, and all of our partners working with the Camino suite, have been integral to the continued development of our platform. Congratulations again, and we look forward to providing quality software and services for years to come!