Month: May 2022

“In times of significant staff shortages, Camino saved our operations” – Check out our new case study with Syracuse, NY!

We’re thrilled to release our latest case study with the City of Syracuse! The city has been working with Camino for the pass two years to completely overhaul how permit applications are submitted and tracked online. As the city has faced increasing staff shortages the software’s automation and ease of use has been a lifesaver. […]

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Albermarle County Launches Camino for Online Permits!

Albemarle County has launched Camino, a new application portal with a modern interface, to guide customers through applying for five different applications: Residential & Commercial Building Permits Home Occupations Subdivisions Architecture Review Board applications Water Protection Ordinance applications Users will be able to complete applications and pay via credit card. Users can also provide feedback of the system by taking […]

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Rocklin, CA Launches Camino Permit Guide!

Last month the City of Rocklin, CA went live with a Permit Guide to help its residents navigate the tricky process of doing residential construction. When a starting a new project, homeowners and builders can now jump directly into an online process that will guide them through zoning rules, required permits, plan sets, and inspection […]

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