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Rocklin, CA Launches Camino Permit Guide!

Last month the City of Rocklin, CA went live with a Permit Guide to help its residents navigate the tricky process of doing residential construction. When a starting a new project, homeowners and builders can now jump directly into an online process that will guide them through zoning rules, required permits, plan sets, and inspection requirements. When it’s time to apply for permits, Camino links to the various application processes, offering a unified, one-stop-shop experience.

Rocklin joins other neighbors in the Sacramento area using Camino like the City of Roseville, with more to come!

Check it out on the city’s website below!

About Camino’s Permit Guide

Camino’s innovative Permit Guide uses intelligent software to automate much of the work that permit techs and applicants do manually today. When starting a new project, an applicant enters Camino’s online portal and provides their location and description of work, and then answers some questions about the construction. Camino will then provide a customized application process including:

  *   Automated zoning check, confirming that the use is appropriate and flagging potential issues like historic districts or hazard areas.
  *   A list of planning and building regulations that apply to the project.
  *   An outline of which permits are required, which plan sets to submit, and all forms and fees that apply.

Agencies using Camino have seen a 30% reduction in phone calls, faster turnaround time on permits, and happier customers. Learn more at