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Alameda Slashes a 4-Week Permit Backlog By Launching Camino

Check out our latest case study with the City of Alameda! A 78,000 person island community in the Bay Area, Alameda has seen huge growth like many other cities in the region. And with that growth have come building permits – lots of them! As the backlog increased, permit issuance was taking longer and longer, to the point where it was averaging 4 weeks before each application was reviewed.

Earlier this year Alameda turned to Camino for help and they’re already seeing tremendous results. And even better the implementation took less than a month! Here are some of the benefits they’ve seen:

Alameda has Saved Over $180,000 and 3,600 Hours in Staff Time

Before Camino, residents had the ability to submit an incomplete application and staff would spend additional time searching for the missing required information. This would cause delays for both the staff and residents in processing applications.

Now, only complete applications may be submitted for review. Staff is saving at least 15 minutes per application. Over time, this equated to more than 3,600 hours of staff time saved. Since early 2021, the City has saved over $180,000 in staff time.

Camino has been the Front Counter for over 14,000 Applicants

Camino has been the Front Counter for over 14,000 applicants providing answers to questions and creating customized guides, reducing the amount of calls, emails and walkins into the Permit Center. Of the 14,000 visitors, 13 percent were outside of normal business hours.

Increased Customer Satisfaction with the Application Process and Reduced Wait Times

Camino’s platform improved customer satisfaction with the application process and reduced customer and staff frustration. Previously, residents waited up to a month for permit techs to notify them of missing information on applications. Now, residents have access to requirements instantly.

Check out the full case study below!