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American Samoa Launches Camino to Manage Business Licensing

The American Samoa Department of Commerce has trusted Camino software with running the entire Business Licensing process for the territory. Camino worked with Petti Matila, American Samoa’s Director of Commerce, and her staff to build a business licensing system that serves its 45,000 residents, United States citizens, and foreign businesses. On October 1st, American Samoa debuted its new application portal to applicants and received great feedback from partnering agencies.  

The Department of Commerce saw a need for digitizing its operation and creating a less manual way to collect and complete applications. Camino gives applicants an intuitive, guided process for applying and real-time insight into the licensing process. American Samoa now has a single platform for intaking and processing applications. 

Launched last year, Camino’s Business Licensing System is the first solution that makes it truly easy for entrepreneurs to start and operate a business. Our software integrates GIS data to automatically detect whether a property is zoned correctly or at risk of floods, fires or other hazards. It also uses our rules engine to determine which forms, fees, and approvals are required to get a project done. All of this information is then presented to the business-owner in an easy, online format.

Talofa, American Samoa!