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Camino Releases New Code Enforcement Module!

New Code Enforcement Module

This month we’ve released the first version of a Code Enforcement module in Camino! This was a highly requested module from our partners and we’re thrilled to release code enforcement as an optional add-on for current partners.

The current module allows agencies to create and manage case types, monitor and update cases, and track violations.

Create and Manage Case Types

Agencies are now able to configure their own custom Case Types and set up different types for different violations and complaints with their own requirements.

Monitor and Update Cases

Cases can be created internally by staff and tracked in Camino through their own dashboard. From here, staff can view the progress of Cases and their status.

Track Violations on Cases

Agencies can add their own violation codes and comments into Camino, and track relevant violations on Cases. Violations have their own status, so staff can see what has or hasn’t been resolved.

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