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Camino’s Mobile Inspections App is Here!

We’re very excited to announce that the first version of Camino’s Mobile Inspections App is here!

This new mobile experience will give inspectors the freedom to take Camino with them out into the field! (We’re currently still working on an Android release, as well as tablet support)

From the app, inspectors will be able to see their daily job list, look up inspection and Submission details, and complete inspections on the go. Any notes and attachments that are left on an inspection will automatically sync with your Camino organization, or will be stored locally on the device when an internet connection isn’t available.

If you’re running inspections within Camino, go ahead and give our App a try!

Summary of Features

Inspections List

See a list of your inspections for the day. By default, we’ll show you all of the incomplete inspections assigned to you. You can also view these inspections marked on a map.

Inspection Details

View all of the details of your inspections including scheduled date/time, location and GIS information, contact details and more.

Complete Inspections

View and edit comments and internal notes on Inspections from the app, as well as select a result for the inspection.

Submissions Lookup

Search for Submissions in your organization. From the app, you’ll be able to see basic Submission details as well as any of the inspections or document uploads that belong to them.

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