Inspection Management

Manage inspection tasks and scheduling all in one place

Camino’s Inspection Management makes it easy to track, assign and schedule inspections.

Create custom inspection types

Define custom inspection types for your organization that are automatically added to any projects where an inspection is required. Each inspection type can have its own schedule and completion requirements.

Manage staff assignments and scheduling

Easily assign inspectors to inspection tasks and schedule them for a specific day and time. Inspectors in the field can take notes and photos and attach documents.

Online inspection requests

Applicants can request a date and time period (morning or afternoon) for their inspection. Agency staff get notified of any incoming requests so that inspection appointments can be confirmed or adjusted.

Automatic Notifications

Agency staff get notified when new applicant requests are made, and applicants are notified when their inspection has been scheduled.

Easy Scheduling

Each inspection can be scheduled for a particular day and time by agency staff.

Automatic Inspection Creation

Inspections are automatically added to an applicant’s workflow when their project requires one, or when a follow-up inspection is needed.

Record Inspection Results

Mark inspections with a pass or fail grade once they are complete.

Assign Inspectors

Assignees will receive automatic notifications and reminders for the inspection task.

Scheduling Windows

Customize on which days of the week and how far in advance an inspection can be scheduled.