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Virtual Inspections as Low as $1 per Inspection

The easiest way to run inspections remotely from any device, at any time.

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Streamline Inspections

Enable your inspectors to work from anywhere. All they need is internet.


Inspectors can write notes while conducting the inspection.


Participants can draw and point to things on the screen.

Make the Most of Everyone’s Time

Inspections can be conducted remotely, any place, any time, with no app downloads required. And the entire inspection is recorded and stored securely in the cloud.


Conduct or join inspections from a laptop, phone or tablet.

No App Required

Attendees can quickly join the inspection without needing to download an app.

Cut Inspection Costs for Your Department

Inspectors don’t need to travel onsite, saving money on gas, equipment, and personnel costs.

Image Captures

Capture images from the inspection which are automatically saved in Camino.


Inspections are automatically recorded and saved to the inspection task.

Screen Sharing

Inspectors can share their screen with the attendee.


The attendee’s GPS coordinates are shown on a map, so that inspectors can verify that they are at the correct location.


Inspectors can zoom in and out of the attendee’s video feed.

Multi-party Inspections

Invite other inspectors to join in on the inspection session.

Queue Inspections

Inspections can be scheduled beforehand, creating a queue for inspections.


Inspectors can remotely enable the attendee’s flashlight.


Assigned inspectors and attendees will receive automatic reminders once their inspection is about to start.

Location Data

All location data is saved to the inspection recording and can be reviewed at any time.

Calendar View

Inspectors can view all inspections on a calendar view where they can easily see a list of inspections for the day.

Orange County Improves Customer Service with Virtual Inspections

“Camino Virtual Inspections gives our contractors greater flexibility to get their work done without delay. At Orange County we've always prioritized customer service and going virtual has been a big win.”

— Alan Plante, Building Safety Manager

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