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Bainbridge Island, WA signs on to Camino!

Bainbridge Island, WA has become the latest city in Washington state to sign on to the Camino platform. A beautiful island located right across the water from Seattle, Bainbridge Island has 25,000 residents spread over a large, wooded territory. They will be using Camino’s Permit Guide to provide enhanced customer service to their citizens.

Launched in 2017, Camino’s Permit Guide is the first solution that makes it truly easy to get a building permit. Our software integrates GIS data to automatically detect whether a property is zoned correctly or at risk of floods, fires or other hazards. It also uses our rules engine to determine which forms, fees, and approvals are required to get a project done. All of this information is then presented to the home or business-owner in an easy, online format.

Agencies using Camino’s Permit Guide have seen a reduction in phone calls of up to 50% and 30% shorter permit cycles. Most importantly, citizens that use it make fewer mistakes and have a much better experience. Kitsap County, WA (the home of Bainbridge Island) is also a Camino user.

To learn more about Camino’s Permit Guide visit our website here

Welcome Bainbridge Island!